Cyberskin Toys

Why Choose a Cyberskin Sex Toy?

CyberSkin is different from all other materials on the market today. With the creation of CyberSkin it is now possible to make adult sex toys with Virtual Touch, that is, with an extremely realistic feel like that of the human body. This means that if you close your eyes & touch the material, you can't tell the difference between a CyberSkin Dildo and the human penis for instance. CyberSkin has memory, and is very flexible so it can recover to its original shape.

Cyberskin Dildos and Dongs
Cyberskin dildos are some of the most realistic looking and feeling cocks available on the market. With the cyberskin virtual touch technology its hard to tell the difference between these dildos and a real human penis. Not sure where to start? For your convenience we have listed our best selling CybersSkin dildos below.

Cyberskin Vibrators
Take your dildo to the next level, with vibration! Cyberskin Vibrators offer the real feel of a penis, with the pulsations of your favorite vibrator. Beginners might try the My First Vibe Kit, the kit comes with a few different types of cyberskin attachments. If your looking for a cyberskin vibrator that looks and feels real, try the products listed below!


Cyberskin Cock / Penis Rings & Cyberskin Extensions
Cyberskin Penis Rings, or Cock Rings, can add loads of enjoyment and excitement to your love making. Our Cyberskin cock rings are designed to pleasure both parties! The realistic feel of the virtual touch cyberskin material will make the penis ring feel like it is part of your lover.

In addition to the penis rings, there are also Cyberskin Extensions. The Cyberskin Extensions come in the lengths of 1 inch or 3 inch and the colors White and Black. The extension is similar to a condom however it adds length and girth! Below are some of our favorite Cyberskin cock toys.

Cyberskin Realistic "Vagina and Ass" & Masturbators
The virtual touch, life like qualities of Cyberskin as well as its elasticity make it a superb material for realistic vagina & ass sex toys, as well as masturbators; commonly refered to as strokers. Find real molds of porn actresses such as Aimee Sweet, Alexus Winston, Chasey Lain and more! Experience their realistic feeling cyberskin vaginas hug your inserted cock. Make sure you care for your cyberskin, read the directions below for more information. With all these cyberskin vaginas and masturbators we recommend using a water based lubricant such as Astro Glide or Climax Lubricant.

Cyberskin Anal Sex Toys
Our anal beads and butt plugs are the most enjoyable anal sex toys you can buy. Here at Cyberskin Toys you will find other materials used for these toys, especially Jel-Lee, as these are more durable and easy to clean for anal use without sacrificing that soft, real touch feeling.

Cyberskin Sex Toys - Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Cyberskin Sex Toys?
Each manufacturer has it's own trade name for Cyberskin and may be referred to as UR3 Ultra-Realistic, Jel-Lee or Futurotic Material. CyberSkin is extremely sensitive and should be cleaned and stored properly. CyberSkin lasts longer when used with the specially formulated CyberSkin ™ Care Kit, which contains renewing powder and cyberskin safe lubricant.

What should I know about caring for my Cyberskin Product?
After using your Cyberskin toy, wash it carefully with warm and soapy water. Pat it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Don't rub it roughly, as this may abrade the surface or rub lint onto it. If it's an extension, masturbator sleeve, or vagina or anus simulator, wash and dry it inside and out.


After you have cleaned and dried your cyberskin toy, apply Cyberskin Renew, available in the CyberSkin ™ Care Kit. The Cyberskin Renew keeps the surface of the Cyberskin from getting sticky and prolongs its life. If it's a sleeve or extension, make sure the Cyberskin Renew gets inside as well.

What is the return policy for your Cyberskin Sex Toys?
Here are Cyberskin Toys we back our selection of sex toys 100%. This means that if your cyberskin sex toy goes bad within 45 days of purchase we will replace it with absolutely no charge to you. We pride ourselves in choosing only the highest quality sex toys for your pleasure.